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This is a small demo of the game we made for our Unity 1 class at Eastern Michigan University. C.I Complete is the perfered version that is complete including a U.I, new level design, and fully functional victory and game over screens.

Cerebral Invasion is a game about a boy named Coma who is trapped in his own head while it is under attack from dark creatures. To get out, he must travel through his brain, defeating all the creatures as he goes.

We are Mindful Studios:

Me, Alex Rosen, https://www.instagram.com/xtraradiance/: Sprite artist/animator, asset artist, writer

Grace James, https://www.instagram.com/bobafruits/: Director/creator, artist, animator

Jake King: Code Engineer, coding and Unity support

Tasharah Greene: Sprite artist, environment artist, video editor, level design

Kelsey Sanday, https://www.instagram.com/florallegend/: Background artist, Unity help

Music by Mechanical Museum

We had many fun and cool ideas to put into this game, but due to time contraints and COVID-19 we aren't able to impliment all of them. For example, we have many dialogue scripts and a boss sprite that is not used. If we were to continue on this game we would implement all SIX levels each with their own design and their own boss. We would have multiple cut scenes with dialogue explaining the story properly. But for now we are going to make small changes to it before Tuesday April 21st when the UofM Game Jam is.

Install instructions

Just download the .zip file and extract the game to play


C.I Complete.zip 433 MB

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